One of the biggest problems in the hospitality industry is that you never have time to develop all the systems, policies and procedures to make your business run more effectively and efficiently. To help you run things smoothly, we identify target areas and help you troubleshoot them, areas that include clients, staff, profits and even marketing.

Customer Oriented Solutions

  • Increase your customer intake and ensure their return by implementing service initiatives like the VIP card programs, and rewarding loyalty programs.
  • Subconsciously guide your customers to order signature dishes from your menu and make them feel its value for money.
  • Capture the names and addresses of all your customers so you can keep in touch and drive new marketing promotions
  • Discover how to know tracking your customers’ thoughts give them exactly what they want.
    Organize food festivals ,promotions and some events to keep the outlet always in limelite.

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Staff Oriented Solutions

  • Automate your recruitment program by completing systemizing the process.
  • Recruit the best employees every time and learn how to maintain high employee retain rates.
  • Install an efficient service sequence program so that your team will know how to greet, respond and serve your customers the same way every time ensuring you maintain your high service standard.
  • Motivate your staff and managers by implementing one of four staff incentive programs and see them sell like never before.

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Menu Oriented Solutions

  • Develop a full food trend analysis to help you with future menu decisions that keeps you ahead of your competition.
  • Increase your average spend per customer 5% or even more each time by simply changing items and category placements on your menu.
  • Create a famous menu item will help add the pizzas to your business’s reputation.
  • Develop a strategy to help you increase your prices on your menus based on the supply and demand for those dishes, and do it with confidence.
  • Discover how easy it is to design a menu and use certain graphical images to drastically increase your menu sales overnight.

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Business Management Oriented Solutions

  • Learn how to operate a fully systemized function lead generation process to increase sales for all your functions.
  • Control the cash flow for the business more accurately through a fully developed budget and cash flow system without being an accountant.
  • Track Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for the business on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis for all key areas of the business including sales, profit, staffing performance and cost of sales.
  • Develop a comprehensive database of all your previous sales to allow you to track future pricing strategies easily.
  • Discover the total selection system for purchasing a new restaurant, cafe or any hospitality business ensuring you buy the best venue for the best price.
  • Utilize the advantage of specific surveys and develop a complete business plan to help you drive your business in the right strategic direction

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Operation planning for new hotels and restaurant

Stage 1 – Cuisine & Menu Planning

  • Kitchen Planning, Inviting Equipment Quotations and Their Evaluation & Approval
  • Invitation of Quotations for F&B and Housekeeping Services
  • Software Evaluation and Invitation of Quotations.
  • Monitoring of Progress

Stage 2 – Operations Planning Control System

  • Coordination of Purchase of Operational Supplies for Various Areas
  • Setting Up Systems for The Functioning of: F&B Service, Kitchen, Purchases & Stores and Sales & Marketing
  • Manpower Projections and Planning
  • Recruitment of Staff
  • Launching Plan
  • Menu Trials
  • Soft Opening and Trial Runs

Stage 3 – Pre-Opening Services & Planning

  • Trial Runs for Software Systems
  • Pre-opening Installation of Efficient Operational System
  • Implementation of Marketing, Publicity and Advertising Campaigns
  • Control Systems
  • Grand Opening and Handing Over